Tarot Outside the Box

Book Cover: Tarot Outside the Box

Author: Valerie Sim

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications

Year: 2004

ISBN: 0738702773

Pages: 170

Language: English

Format: PDF

Price: (US)$5.95

Looking for new ways to expand your understanding of Tarot? Renowned Tarot specialist Valerie Sim helps Tarot enthusiasts step "out of the box" and advance their practice to a new level. Emphasizing a fun, relaxed approach, she teaches how to break rules in order to stimulate creativity. Readers learn many valuable Tarot techniques, including the comparative method, which involves practicing with several decks to fully understand each card and its abundant possibilities for interpretation.

Tarot Outside the Box also offers original spreads, sample readings, and valuable advice for practicing Tarot without querents, engaging in interactive readings (both reader and querent participation), and using Tarot for creative writing.