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Product Release date Version Size Free Trial
Visual Tarot - Royal Edition November 12, 2022 22.11.12 22 MB
Visual Tarot - Standard Edition November 12, 2022 22.11.12 22 MB

Download and unpack the contents of the archive in a folder of your choice (for example, on the Windows desktop). Run the .EXE file in the location you unpacked to.
System requirements: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 or Ubuntu 20.04 and higher. More info available on Downloads webpage.

Top Features

  • Unlimited tarot decks (create your own in the Decks Manager)
  • Unlimited spreads (create your own in the Spreads Manager)
  • Select and view different card meanings at the same time.
  • View your readings changing the decks, comparing the cards and interpretations.
  • Global Meanings Managers. Create your own interpretations, meanings for the whole decks.
  • Create and edit the spreads (as templates) using the Visual Designer.
  • Name and save the spreads and interpretations.
  • Fully customizable Card Table & Report.
  • Use 78 cards, only Major Arcans (22 cards), only Minor Arcans (56 cards) or specific part of the deck (eg only the Court Cards).
  • Use the Querent Cards (Significators).
  • Use the Reversed Cards.
  • Compare cards and meanings.
  • Many add-ons (spreads, decks, e-books, etc) are available for download in VIP Area!
List of features

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