Current Version 19.2.5 (Released Feb 5, 2019)

Download evaluation versions of our products for free. We encourage you to try out our software and basic technical support free of charge before you make a decision regarding the purchase. If you are satisfied with the free trial of our software, please buy a license.

Portable use

Visual Oracle can be downloaded in the form of standalone Portable executables. The executables in the Portable executables package are identical to the executables in an Installation package. The difference is that the installer pre-configures the executables to override their default portable behavior. This allows you to easily carry Visual Oracle with your configuration on a removable media or an USB drive. With default configuration Visual Oracle does not store any temporary data on the file system and registry of the host computer.

Product Supported Oracles Size Type Download
Visual Tarot - Professional Edition Tarot cards 24 MB Installer
Visual Tarot - Professional Edition Tarot cards 23 MB Portable
Visual Tarot - Professional Edition (Compact)
The minimal package contains only one Universal R.Waite Tarot deck
Tarot cards 4 MB Portable
Visual Oracle - Ultimate Edition Tarot cards
Lenormand Oracle
Osho Zen Tarot
22 MB Setup
Visual Oracle - Ultimate Edition Tarot cards
Lenormand Oracle
Osho Zen Tarot
26 MB Portable

Portable versions are distributed in .7z packages. The .7z file is specifically a 7-Zip file, and you will most likely need 7-Zip to open and extract it. 7-Zip is free software with open source: (Size: 1MB)

Name: VisualOracle-UltimateEdition-19.2.5.exe
Size: 27380664 bytes (26 MiB)
CRC32: 669E902A
SHA256: B325D60AD5335CAC0154F603899D0EE29C8F1BD37AEC69C8CDE819ECD756E51B
SHA1: 61D548E2577A7B694DE88391DCC69C9B2827CF3E
BLAKE2sp: F9E8E9A06C22B751E47FD129E08CD734C24482D4B2A74762AF0906DE659BC39F

Name: VisualTarot-ProfessionalEdition-19.2.5-Compact.7z
Size: 4084069 bytes (3988 KiB)
CRC32: 4BCCB250
CRC64: E40317B3A09DD7FE
SHA256: F6D29592782B3284F6DFC5D0ABE7A4DA9793BF3502D901DFD5AE730A684726D8
SHA1: 0FCF82F13C666E42737A7E486CA2F5B7013EB838
BLAKE2sp: D50A7206A2FEEE2DD6F472F6533A9CB98A90B83BA1BD9A4E0F308D29468E4F66

Name: VisualOracle-UltimateEdition-
Size: 19532714 bytes (18 MiB)
CRC32: 7CEE3B32
SHA256: 4956249276D09100789D0A26AD570B41A4BA106B6F7A5449157611366C412832
SHA1: D3A0A9EC3D7EC583446CC915862A206B37A0E011
BLAKE2sp: 0CAB4F94E2E2356016F3655464BF2EE72AC17BB278B00839425D5145B7AE0232

Name: VisualTarot-ProfessionalEdition-19.2.5.exe
Size: 23773804 bytes (22 MiB)
CRC32: 5CFC6925
CRC64: 29ABB56C59EABE20
SHA256: 8BF0E84134F4E1D9ABDBECE01A86B71792CD11504C773D4EBAFF98EBD05ADAE1
SHA1: 55AE7E7E354E224B1FAAD21B3124E8CD59F39FE6
BLAKE2sp: D1FAA8025CD4290DF7A18045AE75A2A7C13A5BCD8313C2EC4B20BF93D211CE87

Supported OS: (32 and 64-bit) Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, 2008, Vista. WineHQ required to run on Linux & OS X. You can download Wine for your favorite OS here.


  • You must run as Administrator or be on the Administrator list to install and run the product.
  • Vista Note: Because of missing or insufficient write permissions in "C:\Program Files" (C:\Program Files (x86)), it is recommended to use alternate folder for Visual Tarot ("C:\Visual Tarot") and for Visual Oracle ("C:\Visual Oracle").
  • On 64-bit operating systems, applications run in 32-bit emulation mode.
Windows will give you a warning when you start the installation file. That does NOT mean that the software is not safe to install and Windows will warn you about any installation file that does not have a code signing certificate. Simply click Allow to continue.