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Wizards Tarot

The Wizards Tarot is a tarot deck and a school of magic, where the majors feature the professors and the minors feature the students. Designed by Corinne Kenner and illustrated by John Blumen, it has photo-realistic digital art and a distinct Harry Potter feel.

Artists: Corrine Kenner, John Blumen

Year: 2011

Items: 78

Language: English

Package: 264-page companion book.

Major names: The Initiate (The Fool), The Magician - Professor of Basic Magic, The High Priestess - Professor of Divination, The Empress - Professor of Herbal Magic, The Emperor - Headmaster of Mandrake Academy, The Hierophant - Professor of Mythology, The Lovers - Professor of Spellcraft, The Chariot - Professor of Astral Travel, Strength - The Professor of Familiar Creatures, The Hermit - Librarian and Professor of Candle Magic, The Wheel of Fortune - Guidance Counselor, Justice - Professor of Ethics, The Hanged Man - Professor of Runes, Transfiguration (Death) - Professor of Transfiguration, The Alchemist (Temperance) - Professor of Alchemy, The Dark Lord (The Devil) - Professor of the Dark Arts, The Tower - A Visitor's Guide to the Tower, The Star - Professor of Astrology, The Moon - Professor of Lunar Magic, The Sun - Professor of Solar Magic, Judgment - Proctor of Final Exams, The World - queen of the Witches

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