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Tarocchi Marvel

Tarocchi Marvel is very rare and hard to find. The cards are Major Arcana only, the Minor Arcana were never actually made for the deck. Marvel Comic characters star as the various portraits on the cards. Artist Claudio Villa drew the cartoons, which he and Luca Poli colored in. The backs show a double-ended picture of Dr. Strange. The 22 cards are oversized (5 3/8" x 2 7/8") and came with a title card and a card giving the names of the characters on each card.

Artists: Claudio Villa, Luca Poli

Year: 1995

Items: 22

Product Dimensions: 5-3/8 inches x 2-7/8 inches (137mm x 74mm)

Major names:

    0 - Il Matto - Wolverine
    I - Il Mago - Dr. Strange
    II - La Papessa - Storm
    III - L'Imperatrice - Invisible Girl (Sue Storm)
    IV - L'Imperatore - Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards)
    V - Il Papa - Professor X (Charles Xavier)
    VI - Gli Amanti - Spider-Man and Mary Jane (although she looks like Gwen Stacy)
    VII - Il Carro - Ghost Rider
    VIII - La Giustizia - Daredevil
    IX - L'Eremita - Silver Surfer
    X - La Ruota - Longshot
    XI - La Forza - Hulk
    XII - L'Apesso - Nightcrawler
    XIII - La Morte - Thanos
    XIV - La Temperanza - Scarlet Witch
    XV - Il Diavolo - Mephisto
    XVI - La Torre - Baxter Building (with Thing and Human Torch)
    XVII - La Stella - Dazzler
    XVIII - La Luna - Moon Knight
    XIX - Il Sole - Thor
    XX - Il Giudizio - Punisher
    XXI - Il Mondo - Captain America 

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