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Nimue Tarot

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Only 100 decks were produced and will remain a limited edition of that number. Each card was hand-finished. Pencil drawings scanned into a computer and then coloured using a graphics program. Printed on thin card with high standard glossy lamination enhancing the deep colours of the images, the cards are strong, durable and easy to shuffle. The cards are encased in a light card individually numbered slipcase, comes with a small instruction booklet and Numbered Certificate of Authenticity. The deck comes with a Fool numbered "0" and an unnumbered Fool. The images are quite close; the only differences being that the numbered Fool walks on dark green grass (as opposed to sea green) and a sun rises near the precipice, whereas the Fool without a number is also without the imminent sunrise.

Artist: Vivien Stewart Jones

Year: 2002

Items: 79

Product Dimensions: 4 1/2" x 2 3/4"

Package: A little white booklet.

Comments: Strength 8; Justice 11

Sample Card Images

Sample Images of Pack / Box