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Dark Tantra Tarot (22 cards)

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The Dark Tantra Tarot is is a synthesis of sex, fetishism and spirituality created by Mark and Ruth Ramsden. This pack can be used for future choices, meditation or to explore a new universe of infinitely variable sexual options. This is a signed and numbered limited edition of the Dark Tantra Tarot's 22 major arcana, which comes with 4 additional "Mistress" cards, a booklet and a black velvet bag. This B&W deck is printed on good quality card stock, with matt finish on the illustrated side, and deep black glossy backs. The pen drawings which are the basis of the designs were printed in two colours, dense black with thick lines and grey thin lines.

Artists: Ruth Ramsden, Mark Ramsden

Year: 2019

Items: 26

Language: English

Comments: The Fool is renamed The Seeker. Next, the Dark Magus, shows a hermaphrodite magician. Sorceress replaces the High Priestess. The Mother replaces the Empress, Ba'al replaces the Emperor. No V is The Teacher and replaces the Hierophant and shows someone getting spanked. Pet Mistress replaces the Chariot, horses replaced by "subs". Self Love replaces The Hermit. Discipline shows a Dominatrix which replaces Justice. Suspended in black rubber suit and gas mask replaces the Hanged Man. Divine Androgyne replaces Death. Serenity replaces Temperance. A Baphomet-like "Bitch Rascal" replaces The Devil. Chaos replaces the Tower. Sacred Blood (Menstruation) replaces the Star. Majesty replaces the Sun. Eternal Goddess replaces Judgement.

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