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Babylonian Tarot

The Babylonian Tarot is a unique deck based on the cosmology and legends of the Ancient Sumerians, Mesopotamians and Babylonians, who lived more than 4000 years ago. There are 83 cards in this occult deck, including an extra major arcana card titled Genesis and another court card in each suit.

Artist: Sandra Cicero

Year: 2005

Items: 83

Language: English

Product Dimensions: 3.19 x 4.61 inches = 8.10cm x 11.70cm

Package: The book has a four-page overview of Babylonian cosmology and civilisation, a discussion of most cards and the myth used to illustrate them at length (some are a little brief), and upright and basic reversed meanings. The 7-page appendix gives correspondences for the trumps, pips and courts. Pip cards have keywords, mostly identical to those of the Thoth Tarot.

Major names: The Fool - Enkidu, The Magician - Ea, The High Priestess - Ishtar, The Empress - Aruru, The Emperor - Marduk, The Hierophant - Naba, The Lovers - Ishtar and Tammuz, The Chariot - Adad, Strength - Gilgamesh, The Hermit - Anu, The Wheel - Tablet of Destiny, Justice - Nanshe, The Hanged Man - Tammuz, Death - Ereshkigal, Temperance - Tree of Life, The Devil - Lamastu, The Tower - Marduk and Tiamat, The Star - Siduri, The Moon - Sin, The Sun - Shamash, Judgement - Etana and the Eagle, The World - Anki

Suit names: Cups, Arrows, Wands, Disks

Court cards: Princess, Prince, Queen, King, Kerub

Comments: The Fool is 0; Strength is 8; Justice is 11

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