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22 Talismani in 22 Arcani

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The 22 Talismani in 22 Arcani is a hand-crafted deck & decorated box set, with cards painted by Osvaldo Menegazzi of Il Meneghello in Milan, Italy, who published the deck in 2012, as a limited edition of just 250 sets of this 'standard' size.

A symbolically rich, gorgeous deck of Trumps, has a 12 page booklet with personal descriptions & divinatory meanings written by Osvaldo Menegazzi that include both the card title & Talisman title, along with a paragraph of information. There is a brief introduction, but no layouts or spread methods.

The original paintings have several pieces of dyed paper creating the jewel tone backgrounds. The central circle has finely lined, dynamic illustrations, filled with exceptional watercolor shading. The main archetypal symbol is surrounded by Hebrew letters, numbers and/or additional symbols. Small red and/or blue monogram stamps overlap or lie next to these outer symbols. All cards have beautifully illustrated Italian script titles, with Arabic numbering at card tops.

Textured stock has rolled varnish on card faces, leaving un-coated spots in lower areas of texture. Reversible, borderless card backs are un-coated, but black printed areas are shiny. 1 hand-numbered and signed title card is included. An included slip reads in both Italian & English.

Year: 2012

Items: 22

Product Dimensions: 3 13/16" x 5 5/16" x .016"

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