Wicca Pack

The Wicca Pack is an oracle deck with 42 cards, pleasantly illustrated with Gods and Goddesses, ritual implements, stages of development, and symbols of the Wiccan faith. The set comes with a 128-page companion book.

Artist: Sally Morningstar
Items: 42
Product Dimensions: 3.17 x 5.17 inches = 8.06cm x 13.14cm
Card back design: Moon, stars, sun, sky.
Comments: Card Titles: Aradia, Bat, Chalice, Candle, Spiral, Bell, Gaia, The Familiar, The Lady, The Green Man, Mirror, The Silver Bough, Cloak, The High Priest, Moon, Neophyte, Broomstick, Pentacle, Serpent, Wand, Six-rayed Star, Black Cat, Athame, Holey Stone, Nemesis, Cauldron, Cave, Spider, The Queen of Elphame, Cord, Raven, Spell, The Horned God, Cone of Power, Crystal Ball, Shekinah, Holy Water, Sword, Wizard, Owl, Book of Shadows, Crone
Included with deck: 128-page companion book

Sample Card Images

Wicca Pack 1Wicca Pack 2Wicca Pack 3Wicca Pack 4Wicca Pack 5Wicca Pack 6Wicca Pack 7

Back Design of Cards

Back Image of Wicca Pack 1


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