Tarot Mondo Lirondo

The Tarot Mondo Lirondo has 22 cute, playing-card size cards. The card art features hand-drawn stick-figures, and each of the majors is printed in a different colour. The title, 'Mondo Lirondo' is a play on a Spanish saying.

Artist: Ivan Saiz Gutierrez
Items: 22
Card back design: Ornate decorative design in black, white and dark pink.
Included with deck: Three extra cards in Spanish, printed with the meanings.

Sample Card Images

Tarot Mondo Lirondo 1Tarot Mondo Lirondo 2Tarot Mondo Lirondo 3Tarot Mondo Lirondo 4Tarot Mondo Lirondo 5

Back Design of Cards

Back Image of Tarot Mondo Lirondo 1


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