Steampunk Tarot 2

The Steampunk Tarot reveals an opulent and technological empire through the steampunk essentials of Victoriana, adventure and machines. The majors are linked with the Gods of the Machine, and the suits are Airships, Engines, Submersibles and Leviathans. Due out in November 2012.

Artists: Caitlin Matthews, John Matthews
Items: 78
Product Dimensions: 3.00 x 4.75 inches = 7.62cm x 12.07cm
Included with deck: 160-page companion book.

Sample Card Images

Steampunk Tarot 2 1Steampunk Tarot 2 2Steampunk Tarot 2 3Steampunk Tarot 2 4Steampunk Tarot 2 5Steampunk Tarot 2 6Steampunk Tarot 2 7


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