Rosetta Tarot

The Rosetta Tarot is a 78-card deck in the Golden Dawn tradition, inspired by the Thoth Tarot's depth of meaning and timeless symbolism. The cards were illustrated using different artistic media to portray the elemental forces of each suit.

Artist: MMMeleen
Items: 78
Suit Names: Wands, Cups, Swords, Disks
Included with deck: In addition to the LWB, there is a companion book called The Book of Seshet, which is not only the guide to the Rosetta Tarot but also an introduction to Astrology and Qabalah as they relate to tarot.

Sample Card Images

Rosetta Tarot 1Rosetta Tarot 2Rosetta Tarot 3Rosetta Tarot 4Rosetta Tarot 5Rosetta Tarot 6Rosetta Tarot 7Rosetta Tarot 8Rosetta Tarot 9

Back Design of Cards

Back Image of Rosetta Tarot 1

Box Design

Box Design of Rosetta Tarot 1


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