Minoan Tarot

The Minoan Tarot is inspired by the female-oriented, peaceful civilisation of Ancient Crete, who celebrated the Goddess, the beauty and sacredness of nature, creativity and sexuality. The 78 cards are rooted in the art, archeology and artifacts of the culture, with each card based on an original Minoan artwork. It's a well-researched and beautiful set.

Artist: Ellen Lorenzi-Prince
Items: 78
Product Dimensions: 2.99 x 5.51 in. = 7.60cm x 14.00cm
Suit Names: Earth, Sea, Sky, Art
Court Cards: Worker, Priestess, Master, Mistress
Card back design: A golden labrys (double-headed axe) on a red background.
Included with deck: 92-page bound companion book is packaged with the deck. It explains Minoan culture and history, and has detailed explanations of imagery and card meanings.

Sample Card Images

Minoan Tarot 1Minoan Tarot 2Minoan Tarot 3Minoan Tarot 4Minoan Tarot 5Minoan Tarot 6Minoan Tarot 7Minoan Tarot 8Minoan Tarot 9Minoan Tarot 10


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