Etteilla Tarotcard

The 'Etteilla Tarotcard' is a South Korean deck drawing on the early occult history of the Tarot. All of the cards are numbered and labelled with keywords in English for both upright and reversed positions, though the companion booklet is in Korean. The major arcana have been reordered, and the minor arcana are largely pip cards.

Artist: KaLi
Items: 78

Sample Card Images

Etteilla Tarotcard 1Etteilla Tarotcard 2Etteilla Tarotcard 3Etteilla Tarotcard 4Etteilla Tarotcard 5Etteilla Tarotcard 6Etteilla Tarotcard 7Etteilla Tarotcard 8Etteilla Tarotcard 9

Back Design of Cards

Back Image of Etteilla Tarotcard 1


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