Caracol Tarot

The Caracol Tarot: A Womyn's Way is based on women's spirituality. The 23 major arcana cards are aspects of the Goddess, while the minor arcana are a journey through the stages of a women's life, from birth to death. There are 14 numbered suit cards in the minors, and three royal court cards. The deck is in progress, and soon to be seeking a publisher.

Artists: Cindy Arnold, Dodie
Items: 87

Sample Card Images

Caracol Tarot 1Caracol Tarot 2Caracol Tarot 3Caracol Tarot 4Caracol Tarot 5Caracol Tarot 6Caracol Tarot 7Caracol Tarot 8Caracol Tarot 9Caracol Tarot 10


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