Alchemia Tarot

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The artwork for this deck is by Takaki one of the leading digital artists in Japan. Her style often involves ethereal forms, often winged. Despite the title this deck would seem to have little symbolic connection to alchemy, instead it is a rather beautiful Rider Waite clone.

Artists: Takaki, Ako Morimura
Items: 78
Product Dimensions: 12.3cm x 7.5cm
Included with deck: Supplied with a 216 pages book, boxed in a sleeve. (No English)

Sample Card Images

Alchemia Tarot 1Alchemia Tarot 2Alchemia Tarot 3Alchemia Tarot 4Alchemia Tarot 5

Back Design of Cards

Back Image of Alchemia Tarot 1

Box Design

Box Design of Alchemia Tarot 1


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