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Main Features and Benefits


Use Unlimited Tarot Decks. View the same reading with different decks changing the decks by one click of the mouse.

Thousands of HD Tarot decks available for download from VIP Member Area. You can create, edit, modify, install/uninstall the Tarot Decks by using integrated multifunctional Visual Card Decks Creator. You can scan the decks and build new visual decks in seconds, by drag and drop the scanned images into Visual Card Decks Creator Canvas.

Use 22-card 23-card 78-card 79-card Tarot decks.


Use all cards of the deck (78/79 cards) or only predefined part of the deck, for example Major Arcans, Water Suit, Persons, Minor Arcans, etc.


Use an optional blank card (also known as an Empty Card) or a predefined number of blank cards.

Use reversed cards.

Card repeat (great feature for Time-Line Spreads)

For example, it is possible to do something like this:

One or more card interpretations for the reading at one time. Also you can switch off all interpretations.

"Personal Notes" feature. It allows you to add custom meanings for each card (or any other text) and save them for future use.

Pick up cards with your mouse or deal cards automatically.

Put the cards face up or face down and open the cards by right click of the mouse in your own order.

Use custom "back"-image for every deck instead of default or one "back"-image for all decks.

Name, save and print the readings(spreads) and interpretations for the later recall, along with date and time, name, your own question, interpretation, notes and comments.

Create HTML Reports. It is cross platform any browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc) compatible all-in-one file report format.

Create RTF Reports. It is MS Word, WordPad and Libre Office compatible file format. The text within the Preview Window is editable before printing or exporting.

Make screenshots of your spreads(readings). Screenshot layout is fully customizable.

The Report window allows you to instantly scroll through the entire reading, with images, before you print or save the report. Its view and layout are completely customizable.

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Spreads Manager

With Spreads Manager you can:

Create New spreads, Edit, Import(Install), Export(Share) the spreads.

Set or change the Number of cards in the spread. Add the Name, Description, Notes/Comments for the spread.

Add the meanings/descriptions for the card positions in the spread.

Workspace, layout and look of Visual Spread Designer is fully customizable. You can enable/disable the rows/columns numbers, the primary and secondary grids, its colurs and styles (solid line, dotted line, dashed line, etc)

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The Diary (Journal) & Readings Manager

Visual Tarot :: The Diary Visual Tarot :: Reading Manager

The Diary (Journal) is a place like database for keeping the readings(spreads) made with real cards.

It is very easy and helpful tool for those who make readings with real cards and then photograph the readings or make notes in the paperbook.

Reading Manager is a tool to help you to save, edit and organize your readings(spreads). Using Reading Manager you can:

Save and keep your readings(spreads) in a program database - Tarot Diary / Tarot Journal.

Edit your saved readings(spreads).

Add the Querent (Name/Person), Date and Time, Question(s)/Notes/Comments/Interpretations data for the readings(spreads).

Reading Manager
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Decks Creator

Visual Tarot Decks Creator

Using Decks Creator you can create your own Tarot decks. It converts the images to Visual Tarot Deck file format and creates specific directory structure in Visual Tarot File System. You can set the proportions, compression algorithm and compression level for the card images.

You can create as 22-card decks as 78-card decks, add an additional information for the decks.
Creation process is very easy, all you need is to drag and drop files to necessary fields (or by using 'browse button dialog'), click "Create" button and start to use the deck!

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Card Meanings Manager

Visual Tarot Card-data Manager

Card-Data Manager is a tool to edit and create meanings of the cards. Card meanings are grouped to the sets.

Card Titles Manager

Visual Tarot Card Titles Manager

With Card Titles Manager you can create your own Card Titles, for example, you can rename the title "The Magician" to "El Mago" or "Ten of Pentacles" to "10 of Disks" or even rename all suits at one time, for example, all the "Wands" to "Sceptres" or all the"Pages" to "Princesses", and save the unique sets. No limits for Card Titles sets.

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Non-standard decks

Using Decks Creator, Titles and Meanings Managers you can create your own decks. You can change the standard Major Arcans order or set up your own order of cards in the deck, for example, by making a 'Fool' card numbering '0' (zero) and exchanging 8th and 11th Arcana.

By default, the order of the tarot cards in the deck is as follows:

Numbering of Major Arcans and Four Suits:

  1. Major Arcans numbered from 1.jpg to 22.jpg
  2. Wands Suit numbered from 23.jpg to 36.jpg
  3. Cups Suit numbered from 37.jpg to 50.jpg
  4. Swords Suit numbered from 51.jpg to 64.jpg
  5. Coins Suit numbered from 65.jpg to 78.jpg

Ordering of the Court cards:

  1. Page (Princess)
  2. Knight (Prince)
  3. Queen
  4. King

Important notice about The Fool, Justice and Strength cards:

  1. The Fool card is always #21 (filename: 21.jpg)
  2. Justice card is always #8 (filename: 8.jpg)
  3. Strength card is always #11 (filename: 11.jpg)

Why the Fool is not 0, but 21?


The sequence of cards based on THE ANCIENT QABBALAH tradition (G.O.M.) where each card is associated with one letter of the Ancient Alphabet. The order of letters: Aleph(1), Beth(2), ..., Shin(21), Tau(22). The last Tau is 22 and associated with The World, the letter Shin is 21 and associated with The Fool. The same thing with Justice and Strength cards.

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"Tools" is a Container for Extensions/Plug-Ins. There are two "built-in" extensions:

Compare Cards is a tool for comparing card images from two or more decks.

Read Cards is a tool for displaying various interpretations for one selected card, including the Reversed Card meaning.

Additional Extensions such as "Tarot Birthcard Calculator", "I-Ching", "Tarok Game", available on the web can be downloaded and installed.

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