Visual Tarot

Main Features and Benefits

Thousands of HD Tarot decks available for download from VIP Member Area. You can create, edit, modify, install/uninstall the Tarot Decks by using integrated multifunctional Card Decks Creator. You can scan the decks and build new decks in seconds, by drag and drop the scanned images into Card Decks Creator.

Use all cards of the deck (78/79 cards) or only predefined part of the deck, for example Major Arcans, Water Suit, Persons, Minor Arcans, etc. Use predefined number of the reversed cards.

Card repeat (great feature for Time-Line Spreads)

For example, you can do something like that:

To describe the event, a Card Ace of Pentacles is required for use twice. Through the usual tarot deck, it is impossible to do this, the program allows you to do this.

One or more card interpretations for the reading at one time. Also you can switch off all interpretations.

"Personal Notes" feature. It allows you to add custom meanings for each card (or any other text) and save them for future use.

Pick up cards with your mouse or deal cards automatically.

Use custom "back"-image for every deck instead of default or one "back"-image for all decks.

Name and save the readings(spreads) and interpretations for the later recall, along with date and time, name, your own question, interpretation, notes and comments.

Spreads Manager

With Spreads Manager you can edit and create new spreads, and start to use it immediately. Significators can be used. A significator is a card that is consciously chosen to represent the questioner, the querent, or a person they are asking about.

Set / change the number of cards in the spread. Set the Name, description, the meanings for the card positions in the spread, notes/comments for the spread.

Decks Creator

Tarot Decks Creator Dark Tarot Decks Creator

Using Decks Creator you can create your own Tarot decks. It converts the images to Visual Tarot Deck file format and creates specific directory structure in Visual Tarot File System. You can create as 22-card decks as 78-card decks, fill meanings and specific card names, add an additional information for the decks. Creation process is very easy, all you need is to drag and drop files to necessary fields (or by using 'Browse Dialog'), click "Save" button and start to use the deck!

Global Meanings Manager

Global Meanings Manager

Global Meanings Manager is a tool to edit and create global meanings sets. But in the process of reading the interpretation of cards, you can enable the display of one or more global sets that are universal for all deck of cards. For example, each deck of cards can have own card meanings.

Non-standard decks

Using Decks Manager you can create your own decks or modify existing. You can change the standard Major Arcans order or set up your own order of cards in the deck, for example, by making a 'Fool' card numbering '0' (zero) and exchanging 8th and 11th Arcana.

Why the Fool is not 0, but 21?


The sequence of cards based on THE ANCIENT QABBALAH tradition (G.O.M.) where each card is associated with one letter of the Ancient Alphabet. The order of letters: Aleph(1), Beth(2), ..., Shin(21), Tau(22). The last Tau is 22 and associated with The World, the letter Shin is 21 and associated with The Fool. The same thing with Justice and Strength cards.

However you can switch to the names of Modern Tradition titles, then the Fool will be the first.


"Tools" is a Container for Extensions/Plug-Ins. There are two "built-in" extensions:

Compare Cards is a tool for comparing card images from two or more decks.

Read Cards is a tool for displaying various interpretations for one selected card, including the Reversed Card meaning.

Additional Extensions such as "Tarot Birthcard Calculator", "I-Ching", "Tarok Game", available on the web can be downloaded and connected.

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