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Tempest Tarot

A major arcana deck created to accompany a compputer game from South Korea, the Tempest Tarot has artwork featuring the game characters and English titles. This went on sale in Korea in December 1998, but in 2000 was revamped for the Taiwanese and Japanese market. The original version came on four CD-Roms with a booklet (in Korean) and the set of tarot cards. Tarots associated with computer games are sometimes difficult to acquire as there are many collectors of computer games and consequently the price can be rather higher than one would wish, but that is because of the fact that there are many people chasing a few items. Often these tarots reflect too much the imagery of the game and have almost no tarot content, but the Korean Tempest tarot is very much a tarot deck. The imagery is set, rather attractively, within a muted brown border with cloud like forms, in which is a complex linear structure framing the images of the cards. The Fool is conventional, tripping along with his dog and his bundle. The Lovers are placed facing in opposite directions with their backs to a central tree. Death is a rather severe skeleton in a dark robe.

Year: 1998

Items: 22

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