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Madame Endora's Fortune Cards

Madame Endora's Fortune Cards blend Egyptian, Celtic and fantasy themes into an original, easy-to-use oracle deck of 48 cards. Most artwork is dimensional and detailed, but for 15 cards which seem a little more rushed. From Monolith Graphics, the publishers of the Gothic Tarot.

Artist: Christine Filipak

Year: 2003

Items: 48

Product Dimensions: 3.00 x 5.00 inches = 7.62cm x 12.70cm

Suit names: Royal Court, Realm of Fable, Bestiary, Treasury, Elements

Court cards: 1 King, 1 Queen, The Wizard, The Seer, The Knight, The Maiden, The Minstrel, The Harlequin

Comments: Card Titles: The Golem, The Greenman, Hindrance, Medusa, The Satyr, Seduction, Serendipity, The Siren, The Sphinx, The Spirit, The Black Cat, The Chimera, The Dragon, The Gryphon, The Raven, The Serpent, The Spider, The Unicorn, The Wolf, The Wyvern, The Caduceus, The Chalice, The Dagger, The Gate, The Hand of Fate, The Hourlgass, The Key, Love, The Mystic Circle, The Oracle, The Shield, The Talisman, The Sun, The Moon, The Stars, The Air, The Earth, Fire, Water, The Winds of Change

Sample Card Images