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Inner Child Cards

The Inner Child Cards are large cards with vibrant, attractive artwork in primary colours that looks a little like it was drawn with crayons. Journey into fairy tales, myths, and nature and back into childhood.

Artists: Isha Lerner, Mark Lerner, Christopher Guilfoil

Year: 1992

Items: 78

Language: English

Product Dimensions: 6.30 x 3.94 inches = 16.00cm x 10.00cm

Package: 336 page illustrated hardcover book.

Major names: Little Red Cap, Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, The Fairy Godmother, Mother Goose, The Emperor's New Clothes, The Wizard, Hansel and Gretel, Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, The Midas Touch, Jack and the Beanstalk, Sleeping Beauty, The Guardian Angel, The Big Bad Wolf, Rapunzel, Wishing on a Star, Cinderella, The Yellow Brick Road, The Three Little Pigs, The Earth Child

Suit names: Wands, Swords, Hearts, Crystals

Court cards: Child, Seeker, Guide, Guardian

Comments: The Fool is 0; Strength is 8; Justice is 11

Sample Card Images