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Annotated Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery

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The Annotated Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery is the perfect realization of that vision. Like all magical works, this deck falls in the cracks between common definitions. It can be used as a deck of cards for divination but it is also a book of unbound pages that explains the philosophy and allegory of the Tarot. The written message on each card explains the symbolism and the theme of the card but not necessarily its divinatory meaning. The text is open ended and invites us to contemplate the image on a deeper level. This deck is also a work of art that is larger than an average Tarot, and printed on archival rag paper. Each card is suitable for framing. Lastly, it is a deck for meditation or contemplation and each card can be displayed on an easel for this purpose. The Fool and all 21 trumps are represented. There is also a title card, three cards containing introductory text, a glossary of unusual terms, and a card with a chart of the seven ancient planets and their correspondences: 28 cards in all.

Artists: Robert Michael Place, Leisa ReFalo

Year: 2009

Items: 28

Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5

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