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Ananda Tarot

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The Ananda Tarot is a stunning 78 card deck of beautifully coloured, dreamlike computer-generated art. Titles on these cards are in German but an English edition is available. This is a beautiful deck, excellent for intuitive readings, especially around intellect and emotional issues. The art is clean and crisp - with some very interesting characters in the courts including some semi transparent figures, Jim Morrison, the artist himself and Jesus. The cards are ethereal and the suits are not exactly pips, but fringe as the the 'story' is told in the arrangement of the swords/wine glasses(cups) etc.

Artist: Ananda Kurt Pilz

Year: 2001

Items: 78

Language: German

Product Dimensions: 2 3/4" x 4 7/8" = 11.9 cm x 7 cm

ISBN-10: 3908646863

ISBN-13: 978-3908646860

Package: Rigid plastic box. 292 page companion book.

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