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The concept of dragons exists in virtually every culture. This is shown in the Minor Arcana of this deck which uses Asian dragons for Cups, European dragons for Swords, African dragons for Wands and Central and South American dragons for Pentacles. This allows you to better understand the energies of the cards, the cultures, and the Tarot, making this a powerful deck for divination.
The Major Arcana uses famous dragons. The Empress shows Tiamat, "representing primordial chaos, the female force and energy of creation." Death shows St. George who slew the dragon. The Devil is Apep or Apophis, "the dragon that, for the ancient Egyptians, blocked the way to Ra, the sun god, and guarded the regions of death." The Fool, however, is simply "The Hunter of Dragons, representing "mankind's insane thousand-year-old search for the dragon." The images may not be traditional, but the intent is there.
Because of its worldwide focus, this is a unique deck unlike any other. It's a virtual collection of world art for collectors. It shows how the power and symbolism of the Tarot can be universalized into virtually any tradition. And it will give you an incredible visual entry into the clout and majesty of the dragons of the world.

Artists: Franco Raffa, Carlo Raffa, Aldo Raffa

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