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22 Arcani Massonici

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The 22 Arcani Massonici is a hand-crafted deck & decorated box set, with cards painted by Osvaldo Menegazzi of Il Meneghello in Milan, Italy, who published the deck in 2011 as a limited edition of just 250 sets of the standard size.

This rich, vivid deck of Trumps has Italian card titles superimposed over the illustrations at the card bottom. The deck is accompanied by a 12 page booklet, which has "a free-style interpretation of Masonic symbology" written by Osvaldo Menegazzi with about a paragraph of information per card. There is a brief introduction, but no layouts or spread methods.

The exceptional watercolor paintings are based on symbology of the Freemason, with large, simple compositions that fill the card, and swirling, gorgeously colored skies or water. Small red "O.M." monogram stamps are included on a few cards. Justice is 8 & Strength is 11. Rough black borders frame all of these dynamic illustrations.

Textured stock has rolled varnish on card faces, leaving un-coated spots in lower areas of texture. Reversible, border-less card backs are un-coated, but black printed areas are shiny. 1 hand-numbered and signed title card is included.

An included slip reads (in both Italian & English) "This item is create by hand. Any imperfections or variations are due to its workmanship and are not to be considered as defects."

Items: 22

Product Dimensions: 3 11/16" x 5 9/16" x .015"

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