Random Decks

Guardian Angel Cards (2/5)
Guardian Angel Cards
Dimensions: 250px * 222px
(scaled to 170px * 150px)
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The heart-shaped cards of the Guardian Angel Cards are from prolific artist, Toni Carmine Salerno. The 44 cards have no pictures, just a keyword and an inspirational paragraph or prayer on a coloured background. Packaged with a 46-page companion booklet.
World Spirit Tarot (1/9)
World Spirit Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 267px
(scaled to 170px * 245px)
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People are the focus of this earthy but lighthearted tarot deck: people of every shape, age, hue and ethnicity. The World Spirit Tarot has recognisable and readable tarot scenes that were created by being carved out of lino, printed, then hand coloured. It isn't pretty art, as such, but it is lively, inclusive and joyful.
Bruegel Tarot (5/6)
Bruegel Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 338px
(scaled to 159px * 290px)
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Inspired by the rich and detailed artistic style of Flemish painter, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, these cards show the daily life of the medieval peasant in lively fashion. It's a rather more earthy Tarot than the Giotto Tarot by the same author - this one features drunk peasants!
Elemental Tarot (3/9)
Elemental Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 346px
(scaled to 155px * 290px)
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The 79-card Elemental Tarot is designed for manifesting change. The deck is "immersed in the elemental energies", and has a suit devoted visually to each element of fire, air, earth and water. There is also an extra card, the Significator.
Circle of Life Tarot (8/9)
Circle of Life Tarot
Dimensions: 250px * 253px
(scaled to 170px * 172px)
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The Circle of Life Tarot is a round deck, so chosen to emphasise the concepts of circularity and cycles in life. The 78 unique illustrations depart from the usual symbolism, and are unconventional and imaginative Tarot journey.
Lemurian Temple Cards (1/10)
Lemurian Temple Cards
Dimensions: 185px * 264px
(scaled to 170px * 242px)
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The Lemurian Temple Cards are inspired by the wisdom of the lost land of Lemuria, blended with messages from ascended masters. Designed to help shift awareness, expand consciousness and give insight into the spiritual journey.
Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards (1/6)
Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards
Dimensions: 185px * 231px
(scaled to 170px * 212px)
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The Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards are a collection of 48 paintings of animal spirit beings, by Susan Seddon Boulet (who also created the Goddess Knowledge Cards).
Fantasy Showcase Tarot (1/6)
Fantasy Showcase Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 301px
(scaled to 170px * 276px)
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Now out of print, the Fantasy Showcase Tarot was originally published in 1980. Each card of fantasy art was created by a different artist, and six extra cards have been added to the deck.
Watersprite Tarot (1/9)
Watersprite Tarot
Dimensions: 275px * 472px
(scaled to 169px * 290px)
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The Watersprite Tarot has 79 entirely hand-painted watercolour cards, based on Marseille symbolism in the major arcana but with fully illustrated minors. The deck was an artistic journey created over more than ten years, and its images have a focus on symbology, colour, mood, and energy.
Healing Tarot: 78 Ways to Wellness (3/3)
Healing Tarot: 78 Ways to Wellness
Dimensions: 208px * 288px
(scaled to 170px * 235px)
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The Healing Tarot: 78 Ways to Wellness is a joint project from Juno Lucina and Monica Knighton. Each black and white card is loosely based on the Rider-Waite and whimsically portrays a health and wellness message.
Tarot of the Nymphs (6/8)
Tarot of the Nymphs
Dimensions: 247px * 450px
(scaled to 159px * 290px)
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The Tarot of the Nymphs represents the 78 cards through the archetypes of the Nymphs, female nature spirits linked with water and youth. The cards are illustrated in watercolour, with seductive and sensual images of scantily-clad, physically perfect nymphs.
Earth Power Oracle (4/5)
Earth Power Oracle
Dimensions: 262px * 383px
(scaled to 170px * 248px)
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The Earth Power Oracle has 41 cards of sacred sites and places of power around the world - temples, rivers, shrines, mountains, ancient ruins and sanctuaries. Each site is pictured along with a positive affirmation or message of insight.
Kilted Rubber Chicken Tarot (4/4)
Kilted Rubber Chicken Tarot
Dimensions: 200px * 338px
(scaled to 170px * 287px)
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The Kilted Rubber Chicken Tarot is an off-the-wall deck from Beth Seilonen. It has 78 cards with rubber chickens in a hand-drawn emulation of Marseille-style decks.
Tarocchi di Robot (1/4)
Tarocchi di Robot
Dimensions: 179px * 307px
(scaled to 169px * 290px)
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Tarocchi di Robot is a science fictional artdeck that uses fantasy robot figures.
Oracle of the Dreamtime (6/6)
Oracle of the Dreamtime
Dimensions: 185px * 185px
(scaled to 170px * 170px)
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The Oracle of the Dreamtime is not only an oracle but a collection of contemporary Australian Aboriginal art. It's a very well-researched deck and the artwork and symbology is based on authentic Aboriginal Dreamings.
Robin Wood Tarot (5/8)
Robin Wood Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 312px
(scaled to 170px * 286px)
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Easy for beginners and tarot newcomers to use with its Rider-Waite foundation, Robin Wood's self-titled Tarot deck is also rich in Pagan symbolism. The illsutrations in this popular deck are attractive, and brightly but not harshly coloured.
Historical Tarot of the City of Ferrara (Tarocco Storico della Citta Di Ferrara) (5/6)
Historical Tarot of the City of Ferrara (Tarocco Storico della Citta Di Ferrara)
Dimensions: 335px * 528px
(scaled to 170px * 267px)
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Limited edition of only 3000. 78 + 1 cards in silk-screened box.
Annotated Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery (1/6)
Annotated Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery
Dimensions: 250px * 394px
(scaled to 170px * 267px)
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The Annotated Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery is the perfect realization of that vision. Like all magical works, this deck falls in the cracks between common definitions. It can be used as a deck of cards for divination but it is also a book of unbound pages that explains the philosophy and allegory of the Tarot. The written message on each card explains the symbolism and the theme of the card but not necessarily its divinatory meaning. The text is open ended and invites us to contemplate the image on a deeper level. This deck is also a work of art that is larger than an average Tarot, and printed on archival rag paper. Each card is suitable for framing. Lastly, it is a deck for meditation or contemplation and each card can be displayed on an easel for this purpose. The Fool and all 21 trumps are represented. There is also a title card, three cards containing introductory text, a glossary of unusual terms, and a card with a chart of the seven ancient planets and their correspondences: 28 cards in all.
Holy Tarot of Tot (1/6)
Holy Tarot of Tot
Dimensions: 185px * 344px
(scaled to 156px * 290px)
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The Holy Tarot of Tot is a 78-card Russian deck with an Egyptian theme. The art is of the stereotypical Ancient Egyptian style, here in saturated colour with black borders. There are no titles on the cards, just numerals, hieroglyphics, and suit symbols like those on playing cards.
Power Animal Tarot (3/6)
Power Animal Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 322px
(scaled to 167px * 290px)
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The Power Animal Tarot has simplistic cards without tarot symbolism, just close-up photographs of different animals that have had a graphics software filter applied to the images. At the top of each card, the title appears in four languages.
Lenormand Revolution (3/7)
Lenormand Revolution
Dimensions: 185px * 255px
(scaled to 170px * 234px)
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The Lenormand Revolution is a Lenormand divination deck, with historically rich art alluding to the 18th century American and French revolutions. The deck has the standard 36 cards, plus alternates to expand the range for readings.