Random Decks

Analytical Tarot (5/6)
Analytical Tarot
Dimensions: 190px * 229px
(scaled to 170px * 204px)
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The Analytical Tarot cards are borderless paintings of unusual, non-traditional tarot scenes with faceless, slightly alien looking figures. Cards have been renamed in an attempt to reconstruct the basic meaning of the tarot.
Undersea Tarot (1/6)
Undersea Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 324px
(scaled to 165px * 290px)
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The Undersea Tarot is illustrated by comic book artist, Frank Fradella, who also created images for the Fradella Adventure Tarot. This deck has fairly simple imagery of mermaids, mermen, fish, and real and fantasy inhabitants under the ocean waves.
Saint Deck (4/6)
Saint Deck
Dimensions: 185px * 278px
(scaled to 170px * 255px)
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The Saint Deck is a fifty card divination deck-and-book set. Each card is linked with a different Christian saint, and is illustrated with the saint's emblems surrounded by a grey border containing keywords. While not a Tarot deck, some of the cards correlate with the 22 major arcana.
Transformational Tarot (4/8)
Transformational Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 323px
(scaled to 166px * 290px)
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The Transformational Tarot is a universal mythology for our time, showcasing colourful modern collage artwork with a medieval/renaissance feel.
Tarot of Delphi (8/9)
Tarot of Delphi
Dimensions: 230px * 377px
(scaled to 170px * 278px)
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The Tarot of Delphi is a fine art deck composed of original Neoclassical art from the Victorian era. The 78 cards are populated with Greco-Roman gods, heroes, enchantresses, oracles, and legends. It also depicts daily life, art, and the cultures of the ancient world.
Ancient Feminine Wisdom (7/7)
Ancient Feminine Wisdom
Dimensions: 185px * 285px
(scaled to 170px * 261px)
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Each attractive card features a female character illustrated in a full scene, with her name above and a keyword below.
Karmic Tarot (1/6)
Karmic Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 280px
(scaled to 170px * 257px)
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Russian published, the Karmic Tarot deck has reasonably life-like looking, prettily illustrated majors and court cards, but plain pips for the minors.
Tarocchi Marvel (3/3)
Tarocchi Marvel
Dimensions: 266px * 498px
(scaled to 155px * 290px)
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Tarocchi Marvel is very rare and hard to find. The cards are Major Arcana only, the Minor Arcana were never actually made for the deck. Marvel Comic characters star as the various portraits on the cards. Artist Claudio Villa drew the cartoons, which he and Luca Poli colored in. The backs show a double-ended picture of Dr. Strange. The 22 cards are oversized (5 3/8" x 2 7/8") and came with a title card and a card giving the names of the characters on each card.
Millennium Tarot 3 (2/6)
Millennium Tarot 3
Dimensions: 185px * 292px
(scaled to 170px * 268px)
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This Millennium Tarot is a full 78 card deck from the very talented (and prolific) artist, Amerigo Folchi. It's almost a Rider-Waite clone - but for the historical and famous figures from the last millennium who have become the faces on the cards.
Sirian Starseed Tarot (1/8)
Sirian Starseed Tarot
Dimensions: 250px * 384px
(scaled to 170px * 261px)
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The Sirian Starseed Tarot was designed to help spiritual seekers achieve a multi-dimensional perspective on their lives and the wider world. The 78 cards have vibrant, rich, spiritually uplifting illustrations.
Mystic Dreamer Tarot (2/8)
Mystic Dreamer Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 316px
(scaled to 170px * 290px)
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The Mystic Dreamer Tarot has atmospheric cards, created with skillful photo collages of real people, landscapes, and some computer generated elements. The fully-illustrated deck has now been published by Llewellyn, with a companion book by Barbara Moore. The Llewellyn deck has rather different borders to the original graphics.
Isomorphic Tarot (2/6)
Isomorphic Tarot
Dimensions: 204px * 288px
(scaled to 170px * 240px)
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The Isomorphic Tarot is a wholly computer illustrated tarot deck. The cards incorporate a lot of information around the lively artwork, and show upright and reversed sets of keywords for the good and bad concepts of each card.
New Orleans Voodoo Tarot (2/5)
New Orleans Voodoo Tarot
Dimensions: 148px * 245px
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The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot is suited for those who practice or are interested in the four cults of Voodoo, Santeria, Petro, Congo and Rada. The major arcana feature historical Voodooan characters.
5 Keys to Happiness Oracle (1/9)
5 Keys to Happiness Oracle
Dimensions: 185px * 264px
(scaled to 170px * 242px)
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The 5 Keys to Happiness Oracle has 34 cards in five "suits" that Tibetan elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Space. The cards have a central illustration with an Eastern feel, and large printed keywords on each card.
Diamond Tarot (6/6)
Diamond Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 332px
(scaled to 161px * 290px)
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A reworked Rider-Waite type tarot, featuring Pamela Colman-Smith's original drawings but in slightly more psychedelic colours. The Diamond Tarot cards are inset into thick, almost tunnel-like, kaleidoscopic borders.
Medieval Enchantment Nigel Jackson Tarot (2/6)
Medieval Enchantment Nigel Jackson Tarot
Dimensions: 180px * 276px
(scaled to 170px * 260px)
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Based on Medieval/Renaissance symbolism and Pythagorean numerology, the Nigel Jackson Tarot looks polished and authentic. Bear in mind it associates Swords with Fire and Wands with Air, but it's a deck worth adding to any tarot collection.
Norse Tarot (3/7)
Norse Tarot
Dimensions: 292px * 480px
(scaled to 170px * 279px)
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Featuring Nordic myths and ancient legends plus Gods, sagas and Runes from the lives of the Vikings, the Norse Tarot has watercolour artwork scenes with elaborate borders. Now out of print.
Golden Dawn Tarot (2/4)
Golden Dawn Tarot
Dimensions: 268px * 209px
(scaled to 170px * 132px)
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The Order of the Golden Dawn was an active occult society in Europe around ninety years ago which attracted some brilliant people. Their tarot deck was illustrated by Wang under instruction from Regardie, and is a work of esoteric importance rather than aesthetic interest.
Wizard's Pets Tarot (1/4)
Wizard's Pets Tarot
Dimensions: 225px * 315px
(scaled to 170px * 238px)
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The Wizard's Pets Tarot is a cute, child-friendly version of the Rider-Waite, featuring a mix of dragons and people on its colourful cards.
Rumi Tarot (5/6)
Rumi Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 316px
(scaled to 170px * 290px)
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The Rumi Tarot is based on Sufi traditions as interpreted by the medieval Persian mystic, Rumi. Created and meticulously painted by Nigel Jackson, who also was the author and artist of the Nigel Jackson Tarot.
Witches Tarot (5/6)
Witches Tarot
Dimensions: 180px * 300px
(scaled to 170px * 283px)
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A Pagan/Witch-friendly deck, the Witches Tarot has substitutions such as Pan for the Devil, and the Seeker as the Hermit. Knowledge of the Qabbalah would help interpretation, as each of the major arcana correspond to a place on the tree of life. The cards are painted and borderless.