Random Decks

Cards of Alchemy (3/4)
Cards of Alchemy
Dimensions: 350px * 204px
(scaled to 170px * 99px)
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Designed for personal development and transformation, the Cards of Alchemy are a fifty card set based on the ancient concepts of alchemy. Created by Raymond Buckland, well-known Wiccan and author of numerous books on Wicca and magick.
Midnight Madness Lenormand (5/6)
Midnight Madness Lenormand
Dimensions: 136px * 198px
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The Midnight Madness Lenormand was inspired by the night of Samhain (also known as Halloween). It has 36 traditionally named cards, with colourful collage illustrations and playing card insets. Self-published by the artist.
Dog Tarot (1/6)
Dog Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 247px
(scaled to 170px * 226px)
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Built more on a love of dogs than a knowledge of tarot, the Dog Tarot deck corresponds different breeds of dog with the major arcana cards.
Nijinsky Tarot (6/6)
Nijinsky Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 342px
(scaled to 157px * 290px)
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The Nijinsky Tarot has similarities with the Vertigo Tarot with its black backgrounds and bright modern images. Art is mostly large photographic elements, cleverly overlaid. Not yet available in print, though it may be in future.
Osho-Zen Tarot (2/6)
Osho-Zen Tarot
Dimensions: 213px * 320px
(scaled to 170px * 255px)
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Based on the transcendental game of Zen, the Osho Zen Tarot is a non-traditional deck of 79 cards. There are many changes that suit the Zen theme, including one extra major arcana card for Osho, and four suits of fire, clouds, water, and rainbows. Most of the cards are inspiring and stunningly beautiful, while others tend towards being cartoon-y.
Animistic Yoga Deck (4/9)
Animistic Yoga Deck
Dimensions: 251px * 247px
(scaled to 170px * 167px)
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The Animistic Yoga Deck has 41 round double-sided cards that "embrace yogic principles through metaphors found in our earthly and celestial environments". The front side has shapeshifting, nature-based yogic art, while the back of the card offers a contemplation of the posture and guidance on how to practice it.
Ancient Magick Divination Cards (4/4)
Ancient Magick Divination Cards
Dimensions: 185px * 327px
(scaled to 164px * 290px)
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The Ancient Magick Divination Cards is a deck of 28 cards with some links to tarot. The black-printed cards are illustrated in Londa Marks' distinctive style, and are wonderfully antiqued in both look and feel.
Tarot of the Curious East (1/9)
Tarot of the Curious East
Dimensions: 300px * 186px
(scaled to 170px * 105px)
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The Tarot of the Curious East is an absolutely stunning 22-card deck from Lynyrd Narciso. The landscape-oriented cards celebrate the diversity of cultures in Asia through a pastiche approach. Published in a very limited edition of 50 copies.
1JJ Swiss Tarot (6/8)
1JJ Swiss Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 347px
(scaled to 155px * 290px)
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Popular tarot deck depicting 19th century-style artwork and costumed figures. Early North American editions used French titles on the cards; later editions changed the titles into English. The High Priestess and Hierophant cards are represented by (and titled after) the Roman deities Junon and Jupiter respectively. The pip cards are unillustrated, as per the Marseilles style.
Hugobian Tarot (3/4)
Hugobian Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 301px
(scaled to 170px * 276px)
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Step into Hugobia, the Land of Bears, in the Hugobian Tarot. There are teddy bears on every card of this charming and attractive tarot deck.
Universal Waite Tarot (6/8)
Universal Waite Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 322px
(scaled to 167px * 290px)
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Imagine the Rider-Waite with artwork in the style of the Hanson-Roberts deck. The Universal Waite Tarot is quite a pretty version (or clone) of the Rider-Waite, with more appealing, softer artwork.
Wild Rose Training Deck (2/6)
Wild Rose Training Deck
Dimensions: 400px * 300px
(scaled to 170px * 127px)
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The Wild Rose Training Deck is designed to be a first deck so the reader can get used to the tarot, and then comfortably read other decks. It has 78 cards with simple tarot imagery on the right, and a list of meaning phrases on the left of the card.
Banx Tarot (2/4)
Banx Tarot
Dimensions: 250px * 351px
(scaled to 170px * 238px)
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A deck in progress, the Banx Tarot cards are large and painted with watercolour scenes. Keywords frame the top and bottom of each card, with three or four for the upright position and two for reversed.
Honto no Jibun o Shiru Uranai (2/2)
Honto no Jibun o Shiru Uranai
Dimensions: 597px * 310px
(scaled to 170px * 88px)
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Abstract figures populate the 22 cards of this unusual Japanese deck. The characters' elongated, rubbery features are executed in strange combinations of colors, making for an intriguing, if somewhat disconcerting, exploration of the standard major arcana archetypes.
Rock and Roll Tarot (4/6)
Rock and Roll Tarot
Dimensions: 183px * 352px
(scaled to 151px * 290px)
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The Rock and Roll Tarot is a groovy deck featuring a digital collage of popular musicians and rock stars of the fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties - Elvis is the Emperor, Madonna is the Libido card. The popular deck was published in two editions of 500 copies in 2000 and 2002, and the second edition has extra 'alternate' cards.
Templar Tarot (4/4)
Templar Tarot
Dimensions: 281px * 404px
(scaled to 170px * 244px)
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The Templar Tarot is a unique art deck based on the legends of the Knights Templar, a medieval group of monks and warrior knights. It has 79 card, the extra is a major arcana card titled 'The Magic Flute'.
Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot (3/6)
Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 318px
(scaled to 168px * 290px)
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The Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot is the companion deck to the book, The Sacred Tarot, by C. C. Zain. These cards were first designed in black and white in the 1930s, and then redesigned in full colour in 2009.
Millennium Tarot 2 (2/6)
Millennium Tarot 2
Dimensions: 168px * 256px
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Lots of reds and yellows in Dorothy Krause's sumptuous and rich looking deck, now known as the Millennium Tarot. Large gold borders and Renaissance angels make it quite a gorgeous deck.
Morbidly Adorable Tarot (1/5)
Morbidly Adorable Tarot
Dimensions: 250px * 368px
(scaled to 170px * 250px)
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The Morbidly Adorable Tarot is a very appropriately named tarot in-progress. It features cute, large-eyed skeletons and dark-eyed doll-like characters in Misty Benson's take on 60s Big Eye art.
Deva Tarot (1/6)
Deva Tarot
Dimensions: 250px * 303px
(scaled to 170px * 206px)
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The Deva Tarot is a 93-card set, with a whole extra suit, Triax. The Deva Tarot cards show somewhat Thoth-inspired paintings, surrounded by a thick greyish border and multi-lingual titles.
Greenwood Tarot (2/4)
Greenwood Tarot
Dimensions: 325px * 245px
(scaled to 170px * 128px)
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The Greenwood Tarot deck uses pre-Celtic British religious symbols, such as images of animals, landmarks and Gods such as the Green Man, for divination purposes. This deck is long of out of print but is still popular among collectors.