Some anti-virus software keeps detecting our installers as containing a "Trojan" or "Downloader". This is a false positive and is some wrong detection mechanism in the anti-virus software. The code in question is actually from 7-Zip and decompresses the installer so that its contents can run and install Visual Tarot. That technology is widely used and probably can be used to compress bad as well as good software, but the 7-Zip code itself is perfectly safe. We scan all our files routinely when putting them on the FTP server and we assure you that our installers are clean.

Norton/Simantec anti-virus scanners may report that some parts of Visual Tarot (e.g. the file vt_cairo.dll) are suspicious. If you downloaded Visual Tarot from one of the official download sites ( | |, this is a false alarm.
To fix the issue, instruct your anti-virus software to ignore these files (and move them out of quarantine) and/or switch to another anti-virus software and reinstall Visual Tarot.

Why does the software not remember or not accept my key (it always launches as an evaluation)?

Visual Tarot and Visual Oracle store license information (the key) in the registry and/or the local ProgramData folder on the computer. If your account does not have the required permission's to write to these locations, (1) the license information (the key) will not be stored;(2) the next time the software is started it will revert to an evaluation copy. The workaround is to log in with administrator rights, install and input your key. During the installation be sure to select the For All Users option (if available).

In Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 you may have to exit the program completely, then right click on the shortcut icon and select Run as Administrator. Then put your key in when prompted.

Why haven't I received my licence key?

If you do not receive a key within 48 hours please refer to the table below:

Problem Action
our email has been spam filtered check your spam folder for an email from us
you supplied the payment processor with an incorrect email address email us with the correct details and request that we re-send the key
your service provider refused our email (this is particularly likely with comcast, AOL and US military email addresses) email us from a different email account (e.g. if your home address failed, try it from your work address, or vice versa)

Why doesn't my licence key work?

Licence key problems are usually a result of:

  • Incorrectly copying the licence key; or
  • Using the wrong licence key; or
  • Confusing the licence key and the transaction code

It is easy to make a mistake copying a key 'by hand'. To ensure that you have correctly copied the licence key, please copy and paste it from the licence key email you have already received. To ensure you have the correct version of the software installed, please check the Application Manager window.