PoMo Tarot

The PoMo Taro by Brian Williams is only loosely associated with the traditional tarot archetypes, featuring renamed suits such as Bottles and Bills, and an interesting array of modern symbols. The art is simple, ink and watercolours.

Artist: Brian Williams
Items: 78
Product Dimensions: 3.25 x 6.00 inches = 8.26cm x 15.24cm
Suit Names: Bottles, Bills/Money, TVs, Guns
Court Cards: Girl, Boy, Woman, Man
Comments: The Fool is 0; Strength is 11; Justice is 8

Sample Card Images

PoMo Tarot 1PoMo Tarot 2PoMo Tarot 3PoMo Tarot 4PoMo Tarot 5PoMo Tarot 6


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