Pizazz Tarot

The Pizzazz Tarot is a minimalist deck that allows colour to play as big a role in a reading as the symbolism. Silhouetted people and suit emblems are set against the striped coloured backgrounds of the 78 cards. Available from the artist in a limited edition of 100 decks.

Artist: Amanda Heard
Items: 78
Card back design: Repeated pattern of grey and white diamonds.

Sample Card Images

Pizazz Tarot 1Pizazz Tarot 2Pizazz Tarot 3Pizazz Tarot 4Pizazz Tarot 5Pizazz Tarot 6Pizazz Tarot 7Pizazz Tarot 8

Back Design of Cards

Back Image of Pizazz Tarot 1


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