Based on the transcendental game of Zen, the Osho Zen Tarot is a non-traditional deck of 79 cards. There are many changes that suit the Zen theme, including one extra major arcana card for Osho, and four suits of fire, clouds, water, and rainbows. Most of the cards are inspiring and stunningly beautiful, while others tend towards being cartoon-y.

Artists: Ma Deva Padma, Osho
Items: 79
Product Dimensions: 3 by 4.5 inches
Major Arcana Card Names: 0-the Fool, 1-Existence, 2-Inner Voice, 3-Creativity, 4-the Rebel, 5-No-Thingness, 6-the Lovers, 7-Awareness, 8-Courage, 9-Aloneness, 10-Change, 11-Breakthrough, 12-New Vision, 13-Transformation, 14-Integration, 15-Conditioning, 16-Thunderbolt, 17-Silence, 18-Past Lives, 19-Innocence, 20-Beyond Illusion, 21-Completion, the Master (no number)
Suit Names: Fire, Water, Clouds, Rainbows
Court Cards: King, Queen, Knight, Page

Sample Card Images

Osho-Zen 1Osho-Zen 2Osho-Zen 3Osho-Zen 4Osho-Zen 5Osho-Zen 6

Back Design of Cards

Back Image of Osho-Zen 1

Box Design

Box Design of Osho-Zen 1


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