King's Journey Tarot

A King's Journey Tarot is based on the fool's journey of spiritual growth as he progresses through the trumps, and draws on alchemy, spirituality and the elements. There are 94 cards in this deck, including the normal 78 and an extra Spirit suit.

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Artists: Chanel Bayless, James Battersby
Items: 94
Product Dimensions: 4" x 2.65"
Suit Names: Coins, Swords, Wands, Cups, Spirit
Court Cards: Princess, Knight, Queen, King
Additional Cards: Daath, Soul, Spirit Suit
Comments: Number of Fool = 0; Number of Strength = 8; Number of Justice =11; 94 cards (78 tarot cards + 16 Spirit Suit / Oracle Deck)
Included with deck: Companion Book included

Sample Card Images

King's Journey Tarot 1King's Journey Tarot 2King's Journey Tarot 3King's Journey Tarot 4King's Journey Tarot 5King's Journey Tarot 6King's Journey Tarot 7King's Journey Tarot 8King's Journey Tarot 9King's Journey Tarot 10King's Journey Tarot 11King's Journey Tarot 12King's Journey Tarot 13King's Journey Tarot 14King's Journey Tarot 15


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Review by Chanel Bayless

My inspiration for this deck started with ponderings over the Celtic Cross symbol for a table that I wanted to get for tarot readings! The more I obsessed over the table and the Celtic Cross symbol, the greater the draw was for me to find a deeper meaning and understanding behind it. I never got the table, but I began to meditate on the Celtic Cross and saw it as more of a Journey that each one of us goes through during our lives. A process, if you will.

My meditations seemed to form an understanding of the outer circle's significance and reference to how other people or situations affect and define us. The inner circle's relevance seemed to show how our inner selves (be it beliefs, emotions, fears, etc. ) affect our journey and progression toward reaching the center point. The center point seemed to be where the 'kingdom' was; you know, that moment of perfection and contentment that sits inside those walls of what we choose to surround ourselves.

The more I meditated on this theory, it began to play out in my mind through the Fool's Journey tarot story. Suddenly, pieces began to fall into place, and I began to understand tarot in a slightly different manner. I realized that we are all on a journey to be the 'King' of our Kingdom. The kind of Kingdom that will shelter us depends on the journey of experiences that we come across in life. Those experiences came in the form of the four elements that seem to be overshadowed by the energies from the Major Arcana. This became the foundation of A King's Journey tarot deck, and I began to design it based on, an inspired by, my meditations on the Celtic Cross. (taken from my interview with Tarot Association of the British Isles - March, 2010)

I started to draft the correspondences according to my meditation from 2005 to 2007. I put it aside for a time to focus on mundane life, but in 2008, I knew I had to get it out! So, In the summer of 2008, I began to sketch the card.

In Nov of 2008, James graciously accepted my invitation to work on A King's Journey and we began this journey together.

We have finally completed the compilation of the images for A King's Journey tarot deck in Dec. of 2009.