Deirdre of the Sorrows

Deirdre of the Sorrows is a 78-card tarot deck designed for the new millennium, and "to lift the Tarot out of the Dark Ages and bring them into the light." The art is delicately illustrated in pencil, with selected touches of colour. Available with a beginners' guide companion book.

Artist: Deirdre O'Donoghue
Items: 78
Product Dimensions: 2.76 x 4.72 inches = 7.00cm x 12.00cm
Suit Names: Cups, Swords, Wands, Coins
Card back design: Black with a yellow Celtic knotwork design in the centre.

Sample Card Images

Deirdre of the Sorrows 1Deirdre of the Sorrows 2Deirdre of the Sorrows 3Deirdre of the Sorrows 4Deirdre of the Sorrows 5Deirdre of the Sorrows 6Deirdre of the Sorrows 7


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