Cheimonette Tarot

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These beautiful watercolor paintings and ink drawings rely on character and personality more than many Tarot. Created by Eden Gallanter in 2014, many of the court and trump figures are presented as close-up portraits. The characters of the court cards appear throughout the suit to illustrate the situation and relationships involved. Some of the symbols harken back to the original, older Italian Renaissance neoclassical symbols. Trump IX is Time for example, which is reminiscent of the Visconti Hermit with his hourglass instead of the lantern of later symbols.

81 cards total include threee versions of Trump XX, The World, plus one Intro card with a message from Eden Gallanter.

Includes 101 page booklet with full interpretations and full-color illustration of each card. 2500 decks were printed by Carta Mundi.

Artist: Eden Gallanter
Items: 81
Product Dimensions: 2.76 x 3.94 in. = 7.00cm x 10.00cm
Suit Names: Cups, Swords, Disks, Sticks
Comments: The deck has two extra versions of the World card.
Included with deck: 101-page booklet with full-colour images and a description of each card.

Sample Card Images

Cheimonette Tarot 1Cheimonette Tarot 2Cheimonette Tarot 3Cheimonette Tarot 4Cheimonette Tarot 5Cheimonette Tarot 6Cheimonette Tarot 7Cheimonette Tarot 8Cheimonette Tarot 9Cheimonette Tarot 10

Box Design

Box Design of Cheimonette Tarot 1Box Design of Cheimonette Tarot 2Box Design of Cheimonette Tarot 3Box Design of Cheimonette Tarot 4Box Design of Cheimonette Tarot 5Box Design of Cheimonette Tarot 6


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