Breaking the Rules Tarot

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The deck is not a standard tarot deck - there are 24 major arcana and the images are not based upon Rider-Waite. The delicate and colorful images are new and fresh, yet also speak to the intrinsic meanings of the cards

Artists: Estelle Daniels, Peggy McDowell
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Product Dimensions: 5.1 x 0.3 x 7.8 inches
Included with deck: 134 pages book. This book is a companion guide to Breaking the Rules Tarot. It explains all the cards, gives meanings for each card being interpreted and provides sample spreads for giving readings. And in the spirit of the original book, this book is also humorous and irreverent. But these cards and interpretations are real tarot and can bring insight and meaning to your readings.

Sample Card Images

Breaking the Rules Tarot 1Breaking the Rules Tarot 2Breaking the Rules Tarot 3Breaking the Rules Tarot 4Breaking the Rules Tarot 5Breaking the Rules Tarot 6

Box Design

Box Design of Breaking the Rules Tarot 1


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