Alchemist Tarot 2

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A new and as-yet unpublished deck by the creator of the Crow's Magick Tarot. The cards of the Alchemist Tarot are dark, using lots of black and greys, and the figures have an interesting vampiric look.

Artist: Londa Marks
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Sample Card Images

Alchemist Tarot 2 1Alchemist Tarot 2 2Alchemist Tarot 2 3Alchemist Tarot 2 4Alchemist Tarot 2 5Alchemist Tarot 2 6Alchemist Tarot 2 7Alchemist Tarot 2 8Alchemist Tarot 2 9

Back Design of Cards

Back Image of Alchemist Tarot 2 1


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