Random Decks

Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot (4/6)
Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 274px
(scaled to 170px * 251px)
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The Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot is a whimsical, non-traditional deck, the tarot imagery has been recreated as a mix of fairy tales and the natural world. The card art is animated and vital and the deck as a whole approachable and friendly.
New Woman Tarot (5/6)
New Woman Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 323px
(scaled to 166px * 290px)
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The New Woman Tarot was published with a British issue of New Woman magazine in 2000. It has 22 cards with young, trendy women in modern situations and fashion - on the Internet, working out, at clubs, and even with piercings.
Honto no Jibun o Shiru Uranai (1/2)
Honto no Jibun o Shiru Uranai
Dimensions: 596px * 308px
(scaled to 170px * 87px)
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Abstract figures populate the 22 cards of this unusual Japanese deck. The characters' elongated, rubbery features are executed in strange combinations of colors, making for an intriguing, if somewhat disconcerting, exploration of the standard major arcana archetypes.
Cachet Tarot (2/6)
Cachet Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 276px
(scaled to 170px * 253px)
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The Cachet Tarot is a box set with 78 cards and a 48-page book. The tarot cards are vibrantly illustrated but disappoint in the minor arcana, which aren't peopled scenes, but instead have the suit elements superimposed over a landscape.
Navigators of the Mystic Sea Tarot (2/2)
Navigators of the Mystic Sea Tarot
Dimensions: 478px * 250px
(scaled to 170px * 88px)
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The Navigators of the Mystic Sea Tarot deck is based on the Golden Dawn foundation of the Hermetic Qabbalah, with the Tree of Life on the back of the cards. The artwork is really quite bizarre, but interesting.
Linde Famira Tarot (2/8)
Linde Famira Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 302px
(scaled to 170px * 277px)
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The self-titled Linde Famira Tarot, from 1982, has 78 Rider-Waite-inspired cards in black and white. The cards have multicultural imagery and were originally published in a German Tarot book.
Trump L'Oeil Tarot of Portmeirion (8/8)
Trump L'Oeil Tarot of Portmeirion
Dimensions: 185px * 259px
(scaled to 170px * 238px)
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Trump L'Oeil: Tarot of Portmeirion presents the Tarot archetypes through photographs of Portmeirion, a picturesque, intentionally created, coastal Welsh village. The 78 cards feature sculpture, paintings, and architecture from different styles and eras.
Universal Wisdom Oracle (5/7)
Universal Wisdom Oracle
Dimensions: 185px * 266px
(scaled to 170px * 244px)
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The Universal Wisdom Oracle has 45 paintings for inspiration and guidance along the spiritual journey, and a 112 page companion book. Created by Toni Carmine Salerno, an Australian artist and writer.
Crow's Magick Tarot (1/5)
Crow's Magick Tarot
Dimensions: 163px * 276px
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The Crow's Magick Tarot is the second deck created by artist Londa. The cards have a very dark feel, probably because most of the scenes have a black background. I'm not sure how the symbols relate to traditional tarot, but the images are powerful.
Tarot de Acuario (2/6)
Tarot de Acuario
Dimensions: 228px * 395px
(scaled to 167px * 290px)
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Unusual boxed set of 78 cards by Kuis Lopez. Each card is illustrated with an original design and title. Cards are numbered from 1 through 78. The first cards correspond fairly well with the traditional major arcana but others depart significantly from the Raider Waite minors.
Maddonni Tarot (1/6)
Maddonni Tarot
Dimensions: 183px * 358px
(scaled to 148px * 290px)
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The Maddonni Tarot is a mysterious French tarot. Card scenes are set against white backgrounds, and the artist's style is unique and interestingly textured.
Wise Woman's Tarot (6/6)
Wise Woman's Tarot
Dimensions: 170px * 300px
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The Wise Woman's Tarot is a female-oriented, multicultural and spiritual tarot set featuring goddesses (and a few gods) from hundreds of cultures worldwide. A personal project, the cards were used intensively by the author before publication.
Connolly Tarot (4/9)
Connolly Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 316px
(scaled to 170px * 290px)
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The Connolly Tarot is a set of 78 rather beautiful vibrant and vivid cards. They have kinder, gentler tarot imagery with a Christian influence. The author has also toned down two 'scary' cards in the deck: Death is now Transition and the Devil is Materialism.
Ancient Mysteries Tarot (1/6)
Ancient Mysteries Tarot
Dimensions: 220px * 331px
(scaled to 170px * 255px)
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The Ancient Mysteries Tarot links Tarot with its ancient roots. The major arcana cards are based on sacred temple art from the mystery schools of Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia and India, while images of megaliths, sacred fountains and stone temples are used to portray the four sacred elements in the minor arcana.
Tarot 2-12-1-3-11 (1/6)
Tarot 2-12-1-3-11
Dimensions: 150px * 264px
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Miniature reproduction of the Waite-Smith majors, but with a twist: the deck features a "minimalist, faux vintaged take" on original images - a dusky, at times almost photo-negative recoloring that puts composition over detail. Limited edition of 50 copies.
Legacy of the Divine Tarot (7/10)
Legacy of the Divine Tarot
Dimensions: 236px * 396px
(scaled to 170px * 285px)
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This deck is roughly based on the Rider-Waite model, and a "a story by the artist that connects Tarot's origins to an ancient race that was destroyed, but who left us with the images and message of tarot as a legacy".
Tarot of the Curious East (2/9)
Tarot of the Curious East
Dimensions: 300px * 184px
(scaled to 170px * 104px)
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The Tarot of the Curious East is an absolutely stunning 22-card deck from Lynyrd Narciso. The landscape-oriented cards celebrate the diversity of cultures in Asia through a pastiche approach. Published in a very limited edition of 50 copies.
Kazanlar Tarot (5/6)
Kazanlar Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 289px
(scaled to 170px * 265px)
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A richly coloured 80 card gold-foil deck, the Kazanlar Tarot is a mix of elements from the artist's European and Middle Eastern heritage, plus astrological, Hebrew and esoteric assocations.
Watcher Angel Tarot (6/8)
Watcher Angel Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 309px
(scaled to 170px * 283px)
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The Watcher Angel Tarot is based on part of the text from the Book of Enoch, about heavenly beings 'who chose to fall to earth for the love of human women'. It's a full deck of 78 cards, scheduled for publication in 2010.
Hallmark Tarot (1/6)
Hallmark Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 344px
(scaled to 156px * 290px)
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The self-titled Hallmark Tarot, previously seen on the cover of the Tarot Magick book, is now a stand-alone 78 card deck. The art is roughly based on the Rider-Waite, and has a naive charm and bright storybook feel.
Lebanese Tarot (5/6)
Lebanese Tarot
Dimensions: 232px * 400px
(scaled to 168px * 290px)
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The Lebanese Tarot sprang from the artist's love of her country, and desire to pass on the Lebanese tradition and folklore through her detailed paintings. The deck is majors only and has 22 luminous, realistically painted cards.