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Trust Your Vibes Oracle (3/6)
Trust Your Vibes Oracle
Dimensions: 185px * 257px
(scaled to 170px * 236px)
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The Trust Your Vibes Oracle cards is a 52-card deck from famous intuitive, Sonia Choquette. The set is designed to strength your psychic awareness and can be used as a "psychic training system" or for guidance and insight.
Deviant Moon Tarot (4/9)
Deviant Moon Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 351px
(scaled to 153px * 290px)
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The Deviant Moon Tarot has surreal, very unique, and sometimes disturbing moonlit artwork. It's inspired by (and incorporates) images of cemetaries and mental asylums, and designed to illuminate deeper parts of the subsconscious. The talented illustrator is also a tarot student, and the deck is the result of three years of artistic work.
Infinite Tarot (3/6)
Infinite Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 287px
(scaled to 170px * 263px)
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The Infinite Tarot is a deck inspired by elemental energies and titled a Tarot, but really isn't one. The Infinite Tarot has no major arcana, instead having four suits of nineteen cards each. The suits are named Earth, Sky, Water and Fire.
I Tarocchi Di Renato Guttoso (2/5)
I Tarocchi Di Renato Guttoso
Dimensions: 191px * 290px
(scaled to 170px * 258px)
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Originally published in 1983, the Tarocchi Guttuso was commissioned by Moda 90 of Trieste, who charged Guttuso with the task of creating a truly 'modern' tarot. Guttuso's illustrations are by turns satirical, 'hip' and erotic.
Discordian Tarot (6/6)
Discordian Tarot
Dimensions: 223px * 348px
(scaled to 170px * 265px)
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The Discordian Tarot is a black and white tarot with an interesting juxtaposition of images. Discordia was the Roman goddess of Strife, similar to the Greek Eris.
Rotin Tarot (1/7)
Rotin Tarot
Dimensions: 156px * 280px
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The Rotin Tarot is an enigmatic, abstract black and white deck. It has 22 minimalistic cards that work with the polarities and dark and light. Now the eighth deck to be published in a limited edition by Adam McLean.
Tarot Terapia Slowem (6/8)
Tarot Terapia Slowem
Dimensions: 185px * 319px
(scaled to 168px * 290px)
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The Tarot Terapia Slowem is a rather lovely Polish Tarot, in which all cards are illustrated in soft and colourful detail, and titled in a mix of Polish and English. The deck has extra Devil and Hierophant cards, bringing the total to 80.
Egyptian Pyramid Oracle (1/5)
Egyptian Pyramid Oracle
Dimensions: 185px * 267px
(scaled to 170px * 245px)
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The Egyptian Pyramid Oracle is a set of 25 cards, drawing on Ancient Egyptian mythology for fortune-telling. The deck is divided into five houses of Power, Temptation, Inspiration, Wisdom, and Change with five cards each.
Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot (6/6)
Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot
Dimensions: 184px * 280px
(scaled to 170px * 258px)
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For some reason, the art in the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot reminds me of Rugrats cartoons. It has slightly crazy and surreal tarot deck with a clashingly bright art style and symbols personal to the author.
AboraMana (7/7)
Dimensions: 186px * 283px
(scaled to 170px * 258px)
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AboraMana is a set of Goddess wisdom cards, the imagery and system of which were intuitively channeled by the artist. The 89 cards are not tarot or an oracle deck, but described as an illustrated cosmology, that explains 'the human position in the grand scheme of creation... from an exclusively woman's point of view'.
Pizazz Tarot (5/8)
Pizazz Tarot
Dimensions: 271px * 400px
(scaled to 170px * 250px)
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The Pizzazz Tarot is a minimalist deck that allows colour to play as big a role in a reading as the symbolism. Silhouetted people and suit emblems are set against the striped coloured backgrounds of the 78 cards. Available from the artist in a limited edition of 100 decks.
Roseta Tarot (3/17)
Roseta Tarot
Dimensions: 225px * 376px
(scaled to 170px * 284px)
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The Roseta Tarot is a 78-card deck in the Via Tarot tradition
Blue Rose Tarot (4/5)
Blue Rose Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 283px
(scaled to 170px * 260px)
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The Blue Rose Tarot is a handmade deck of 78 cards of mostly photographic collage, that are modern and loaded with meaning. There are many collage decks, but this one has a special feel and has attracted a loyal following since its publication in 2001.
Abracadabra Tarot (2/7)
Abracadabra Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 335px
(scaled to 160px * 290px)
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The Abracadabra: Le Streghe Giocano a Carte is a deck illustrated with witchy gnomes at play - gnomes with red noses and apparent alcoholic tendencies. It's a comical deck of 22 cards from Italian publishers, Hermatena.
Sacred Geometry Cards (3/8)
Sacred Geometry Cards
Dimensions: 185px * 317px
(scaled to 169px * 290px)
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The Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path is a sequel and complement to Francene's Hart Sacred Geometry Oracle. The cards are in a similar ornate and beautiful - but more polished - style than the original.
International Icon Tarot (4/6)
International Icon Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 316px
(scaled to 170px * 290px)
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The International Icon Tarot is a reworking of the Rider-Waite images, applicable to a universal audience by using simple iconic signs with neutral, faceless figures without sex or race. A modern classic (with the addition of The Happy Squirrel card).
Rock and Roll Tarot (4/6)
Rock and Roll Tarot
Dimensions: 183px * 352px
(scaled to 151px * 290px)
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The Rock and Roll Tarot is a groovy deck featuring a digital collage of popular musicians and rock stars of the fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties - Elvis is the Emperor, Madonna is the Libido card. The popular deck was published in two editions of 500 copies in 2000 and 2002, and the second edition has extra 'alternate' cards.
Aboriginal Spirit Oracle (1/7)
Aboriginal Spirit Oracle
Dimensions: 181px * 254px
(scaled to 170px * 238px)
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The Aboriginal Spirit Oracle is a 40 card inspirational deck, illustrated and channeled by Mel Brown, a Ngunnawal Aboriginal woman and clairvoyant. It combines aspects of feminine goddess energy with Aboriginal spirituality.
Abracadabra Tarot (3/7)
Abracadabra Tarot
Dimensions: 185px * 335px
(scaled to 160px * 290px)
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The Abracadabra: Le Streghe Giocano a Carte is a deck illustrated with witchy gnomes at play - gnomes with red noses and apparent alcoholic tendencies. It's a comical deck of 22 cards from Italian publishers, Hermatena.
Jasniak Tarot (2/6)
Jasniak Tarot
Dimensions: 174px * 300px
(scaled to 168px * 290px)
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The artwork of this self-titled Polish Tarot deck is exotic and unusual, colourful and busy. The Jasniak Tarot cards have gold borders and titles in English and Polish.
Fairy Ring Oracle (1/6)
Fairy Ring Oracle
Dimensions: 185px * 277px
(scaled to 170px * 254px)
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The Fairy Ring Oracle is the very beautiful second deck from the creators of the Sacred Circle Tarot. This one is based on British and Irish fairy legends and has fours suits of fourteen cards and eight 'fairy festival' cards.