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Product Our price Your earnings from a sale *
Visual Tarot - Professional Edition $150 $22.5
Visual Oracle - Ultimate Edition $450 $67.5

* We offer a 15% commission. We pay you your earnings by PayPal. In order to provide the best and fastest service possible, funds are automatically transferred to your PayPal account once the total pending to be paid out reaches a minimum of $100. The estimated time for transfers is 1-3 hours.

Example: For one month 200 people clicked our banner on the pages of your website or blog, 2 (just 1% of all visitors) of them purchased "Visual Tarot - Professional Edition",
1). Your monthly earnings: $45 = ($22.5+$22.5)
2). Your yearly earnings: $540 = ($45*12)

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How it works...

1. Sign up for an affiliate account.
2. Select your banner and get HTML code.
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VisualTarot Affiliate Program

The VisualTarot Affiliate Program is a revenue-sharing program which affords anyone with a web site the ability to earn money in a profitable online business. The VisualTarot program is one of the most successful programs available online; we invite you to sell our award-winning software on your web site.

VisualTarot Affiliate Program in Action

You register as our affiliate and get a unique affiliate number. After registration you receive a link containing this ID. By looking at this ID we can always identify each affiliate's customer - you will never lose your commission with the VisualTarot Affiliate Program.

Membership is absolutely free

Our program does not involve any third party or costly sign-up fees. If you register as our affiliate you work directly with us and start earning money after the registration. Earning money with us is easy.

Excellent affiliate support

We are always ready to answer all of your questions and offer advice on banner placement, sales and marketing strategies, technical characteristics and so on. We work personally with each affiliate, providing ongoing support to ensure you get high commissions.

Sales control

Our affiliates have prompt access to all sales and commission statistics. And last but not least - the product we offer you to sell, Visual Tarot, is one of the best Card Reading Software in the software "home/astrology/cards" category.

Registration with the VisualTarot Affiliate Program

The registration procedure is simple; just follow our automatic affiliate signup.

There are three steps to the process:
  1. Complete the registration form, and wait for our e-mail;
  2. Follow the instructions in the confirmation e-mail to login your Affiliate Account, copy the selling link from your Affiliate Control Panel and add it to your web site;
  3. Start earning money. If you have any questions please contact us
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