Visual Tarot & Visual Oracle

Version: 19.9.23
Release Date: September 23, 2019

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5 ORACLES based on Visual Tarot Engine:
  1. Professional Edition (designed to work with Tarot Cards & any 78(79)-card decks)
  2. Lenormand Edition (designed to work with Lenormand Cards and any 36-card decks) Marie Anne Lenormand was a famous clairvoyant of the 19th century. She was known as the 'Sybille des Salons' and read cards for Napolean and Josephine Bonaparte. Her original deck had 52 cards and was published around 1828. A smaller version with 36 cards - the Petit Lenormand - was created around 1840. These Lenormand Oracle cards are a reproduction of a Lenormand deck printed in Paris in 1890. Each card shows its number and the symbol for that card.
  3. Osho Zen Tarot Edition (designed to work with Osho Zen Tarot. It based on the transcendental game of Zen, the Osho Zen Tarot is a non-traditional deck of 79 cards. There are many changes that suit the Zen theme, including one extra major arcana card for Osho, and four suits of fire, clouds, water, and rainbows. Most of the cards are inspiring and stunningly beautiful, while others tend towards being cartoon-y.
  4. Runes Edition (designed to work with Runes and any 24-item and 25-item oracles) Make the power of the rune oracle yours! Runes are an ancient spiritual Scandinavian language and form of divination. The pagan peoples of northern Europe used runic symbols for protection, spell casting and spiritual worship. This application provides straight forward interpretations of rune casts, avoiding new age psychobabble. Use the rune casts to gain wisdom, foretell the future or just have fun! Rune Divination is a convenient, easy and comprehensible way to cast the runes. Check it out. It will change your life
  5. Psicards Edition (designed to work with any 40-item oracles, for example Psycards)

Free Tarot decks & Oracles, spreads, card meanings (sets), e-Books included with any purchase!

Top Features

  • Unlimited decks and oracles (create your own with the Decks Creator)
  • Unlimited spreads (create your own with the Spreads Manager)
  • Use different meanings of the cards at the same time
  • View your readings changing the decks, comparing the cards and interpretations
  • Powerful Card Titles and Card Meanings Managers. Create your own interpretations, meanings for the whole decks.
  • Create and edit the spreads (as templates) using the Visual Designer
  • Name, save, print and share the spreads and interpretations
  • Make screenshots of the spreads and readings
  • Export the readings as the reports in RTF format (MS Word compatible file format) and HTML or save to the Diary (Program Database).
  • Fully customizable Card Table & Reports
  • Use 78 cards or only Major Arcans (22 cards) or only Minor Arcans (56 cards)
  • Use 36-card decks (e.g. Lenormand cards)
  • Use one or more Blank cards (empty cards), Reversed cards
  • Repeat the cards (this feauture designed for Time-Line Spreads)
  • Compare the cards and runes (for researching and meditation)
  • Visual Tarot is portable. You can install Visual Tarot to the HDD, External HDD, USB Flash Drive, or any other portable devices. Installing Visual Tarot on a portable drive you can use the program on any computer
  • Many add-ons (spreads, decks, etc) are available for download!
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